Pyrodactyl is Pyro's open, secure, and scalable servers platform

It's the world's best Pterodacyl panel. Unmatched performance and features.

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Pyrodactyl by the numbers

170x smaller.
17x faster.

We've rebuilt Pterodactyl from the ground up. Pyrodactyl is 170 times smaller and 17 times faster than the original panel. No one else can say that.

Built with VitePyrodactyl is built with Vite, the fastest and most reliable build tool for JavaScript.
Accessibility at the corePyro is commited to making our software accessible to everyone. Pyrodactyl is no exception.
Optimized to piecesPyrodactyl builds in less than 150 milliseconds, and renders up to 70% faster than the original panel.
Modern, scalable, and secureThe only outdated aspect of Pyrodactyl is the name. Everything else is absolutely cutting-edge.
Batteries includedIt's everything you need, out-of-the-box. There's no need to install plugins or themes.
Open sourcePyrodactyl is the first (and only) panel that a company has made its source publicly available.